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The way of the light saber combat 

The Learning Path

Taught and practiced progressively, the 7 Forms of Light Saber Combat are consistent with the literary sources, with the adjustments required to be effective in a sport competition. Each Style is complete and can be used against each one of the others. Techniques of different Styles can be mixed during the fight without any loss of effectiveness nor safety.


A discipline for the lightsaber

Form 1 : Easy to learn, demanding for opponents. Its “safehouse” philosophy makes it very well protected and really hard to break.
Form 2: F2 is bursting and lethal. Lightness of the single-hand grip is balanced with speed movements and aggressive attitude.
Form 3: F3 lures the opponent in a spiral, studying his or her pace and attitude to dominate and close the fight in a short measure with fluid and elegant movements.
Form 4: F4 exploits spaces around the opponent to attack him or her or tangential lines, always changing heights and directions with its acrobatic techniques.
Form 5: F5 develops F3's spiral in an offensive way, loading the blows with the movements of the body and reaching top levels of speed and unpredictability.
Form 5: F5 holds all the other Styles in its techniques, to face everybody with the less effort of energies. Calm and essential, it is the favourite of the elders.
Form 6: F6 is in a dynamic balance between harmony and domination, exploiting its large movements to intimidate the opponent. It fits only fighters with a great self control.
Form 7: The form requires a state of mind to finalize energy in combat. F.7 involves direct and decisive attacking actions, and the fighter exposes himself to greater risks. Therefore, lucidity in execution and great attention to best efficiency is required.

LudoSport in a nutshell

Safety is the key element of LudoSport, a discipline developed in first place to have fun while practicing. Thrusts are forbidden, face isn't a target and techniques are taught to athletes so that hits on opponent's body land without strength. This is why modern knights don't need armors.With honor, practicioners respect each other by self declararing hits received during combat.


The full body is target In LudoSport lightsaber combat.There is a distinction between non-mortal target (IH pron. ē) and mortal target (OH pron. aw).
NON-"MORTAL" TARGET  the hilt of the lightsa-ber, forearms and legs below the knee.
"MORTAL" TARGET  the rest of the body.

The fighter who suffers a IH or OH target strike must self declare. In observance of the Se.Cu.Ri principle, each fighter makes sure that his opponent is not hurt, using control that is proportional to his/her level of experience.

Lightsaber Combat encounters take place in an demarcated area called “Arena”. This can have a rectangular shape (5x8mt) or a circular one (ø8mt). The contender with a single foot totally out of the Arena loses the match.

Blows are self-declarated. In case of “non-mortal” hit, the struck contender declare shouting "IH” out loud and position the blade so that it is not an obstacle for who landed the strike. This offers to the opponent an advantage.

An assault ends when one of the contenders inflicts an “OH” to the opponent. A match can consist of several assaults, depending on the competition format.


Our uniform

LudoSport uniforms tell a story. A story talking about the path walked by the athletes wearing it: it's an acknowledgment of their achievements, the evidence of the challenges they faced and overcome that you should be aware of. Uniform’s importance is beyond the look. That’s why everyone should respect it.

Each Light Saber Combat practitioner has a Uniform identifying his/her Rank, Qualification or Title. The academy uniform comprises the following garments:

Combat Pants
Combat Tee
Combat Belt
Combat Subtunic
Combat Tunic

LudoSport International Uniforms and Accessories are products developed in Italy with copyright protected design. Each garment is conceived for an intensive sporting use, tested according to SLM requirements.

The Forms

A true sport, with rules and standards, in which everyone without distinction can fight each other freely and safely. A codified system of seven forms of combat, each one complete and effective itself, while fully consistent with the others. A “common language” to let everyone compete in duels and tournaments. All the above, with a light saber!

Each Form is adapted to each of the 3 weapons used (single long saber, double short saber, opposed blade hilt (saberstaff) while maintaining their characteristic key elements.


The warm-up stage is aimed at preparing the body for the later stages. This stage starts with a light run and continues with exercises specifically aimed to stimulate muscles and joints in the legs, pelvis, shoulders, wrists and neck. Some exercises may be carried out using the lightsaber.

The teaching stage concentrates on explaining techniques and relevant drills. This stage also involves a playful part, consisting in specific exercises.

The combat stage ends the lesson, and is aimed at using the techniques in a competitive way.


Each Academy can organize Private or Group Lessons / Practice sessions to introduce or deepen the sporting Light Saber Combat. Apprentice Courses – dedicated to younger audience – are focused on the development of self-perception on a psychomotor level, using games and exercises that stimulate harmony in movement. Team spirit is also stimulated, to make trust and reciprocal collaboration easier to establish. Use of the lightsaber is mainly part of a game.

Seminars Held periodically, Seminars address several topics linked to the Forms of Light Saber Combat and also theoretical, technical or preparatory sporting aspects for the practice of LudoSport including notions from other sports as well as combat.

Workshops With the intention of broadening the cultural horizon of both pupils and teachers comparing the techniques seen in lessons with other cultural, philosophical and technical approaches, Workshops are organized by professionals expert of martial arts or fencing of various kind, other than Light Saber Combat.



The Video E-Learning project

Evolve was created to allow even those who do not have the opportunity to attend a LudoSport Academy, to begin to approach our sport. It consists of video lessons professionally produced together SLM and Eugenio Di Fraia.

Course characteristics - FORM 1:
1. The course is a manual that you will always have to hand, that you can consult from any device, anywhere and at any time of day
2. It contains practical exercises, slow motion videos, common errors and details that allow you to put what you have learnt into practice and actually tangibly improve! - your technique
3. Contains in-course quizzes to help you assess your level of training
4. It is filmed with full HD Video and Audio: High resolution graphics and impeccable audio. We are committed to providing the highest quality audio-visual support to ensure an optimal experience for our students
5. You will be awarded an end-of-course certificate: At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate for having completed the training and congratulations from all the Ludosport Evolve team and the Founding Masters

What you will actually learn: • The basic principles of light saber fencing • The rules and guides for your safety • How to maintain your posture and a correct grip • The footwork • The offensive and defensive movements of Prima Croce • Legatura of movements • Brandishing • The offensive and defensive movements of Seconda Croce • How to approach your first duels • Combat strategies and tactics • How to put what you have learnt from the numerous exercises contained in the course into practice These are all elements that will allow you to enter the real world of light saber fencing so that you can enjoy yourself with your friends or other network members!
The course is delivered in ITALIAN and is fully subtitled in ENGLISH

Course characteristics - BRANDISHING

Below is the introduction to the course written by the Masters:
"Hi everybody, I'm Master Sabnak Master Nemo and I founded LudoSport and today I am here to present one of the initiatives we developed to allow everyone to learn the sport we created, which is practised by thousand of enthusiastic people all around the world. Today i'm presenting the "Brandishing - Basics" online video course which is part of LudoSport Evolve project. If you wield a light saber you can't resist to the temptation to start moving it and performing those who are called "tricks", "spins", "flows". In LudoSport we practice them but, in accordance with our tradition, we built a tecnically sophisticated system which is strictly connected to our discipline. As LudoSport athletes we use Brandishing as part of our training, in order to improve our confidence with the light saber. Brandishing is a techiniques supplementary practice which bring the athlete both to gain full control of leverages and balances and master the physical forces guiding the movement dynamic of the light saber. Through brandishing you will also train the mobility of your fingers and discover the various applications and effects of wielding variations Brandishing is also an intense aerobic activity, ideal for warming up. Whoever does not practice light saber combat will surely appreciate the spectacularity of these transitions and, step by step, will easily progress from the easiest techniques to the most complex ones. Brandishing helps to improve coordination, in particular hand-eye coordination, responsiveness, proprioception, equiibrium and improves joint mobility. On the other side, if all of this is not what you're looking for, you can just have fun, enjoying the amazing view of the movements that Dante, one of my own pupils, will help you to accomplish during "Brandishing - Basics" course. Remember that sport is a game, game means fun and fun plus sport equal health. Then, you well know, in LudoSport we always play very seriously, so enjoy the course. Bye.""

Ludosport EVOLVE. the Elearning interactive project

Le spade

Years of sport sparring gave us a unique expertise in the evaluation of best standards in weight, dimensions, balance and endurance of parts and materials. Thanks to this knowledge, the lightsabers used in LudoSport Academies are designed and tested to stand the stress of the practice.

Sporting lightsabers – compared with the others – have an inverted position of the speaker, with the soundboard in the middle of the hilt. This way, the pommel can embody metal weights to balance the saber. The microUSB port simplifies recharging. The shape of sporting lightsabers is designed to guarantee the best technical grip in each style, both single and double-handed.

Blades are the real point of difference in sporting Light Saber Combat. Made in flexible polycarbonate, the official standard has the best lightness/endurance ratio, and its transparency guarantees an optimized light diffraction. Caps are in poly (PMMA), with an hemispheric shape to be more safe.

SPORTING SABERS REGISTER (SSR) Our students can compete with their saber thanks to the Sporting Sabers Register in which their sports device – duly verified – is presented to the network with its own name and its technical specifications. SABER MODELS REGISTER (SMR) Students can choose their own personal saber, to be used within the network, among the authorized models, respecting the SLM principles and safety rules, indicated in the Saber Models Register.

Following the indications of SLM the Sporting Sabers Register (SSR) and the Saber Models Register (SMR) are hereby established. Do you want to enter the roster of offi

cial manufacturers with one (or more) of your saber models? Fill in the application form and start the procedure to validate your own model.

Submit your saber

List of the authorized saber models within LudoSport network, selected according to SLM principles and specific criteria established by Abridge, on behalf of SLM.

Listed since


Type *


Price **

Sep 2018

Polaris SSe-1

Long saber


� 286,50

Sep 2018

Polaris SSe-2

Short saber


� 307,36

Sep 2018

Polaris SSe-3 / EVO



� 245,08

Nov 2018

Arctic Storm


Nordic Sabers

� 328,00

May 2019


Long saber

Crystal Cave

� 433,61

* Long saber, short saber, double bladed saber or modular (possibility to fit more than one type).
** Price is for reference and doesn�t include customization costs, taxes, custom fees.


The instrument we use is Polaris Light Saber , a complex device conceived for sport use. It is neither a toy, nor a collectible.


In official rated competitions, it is required to have certified race judges (INCOM) present. The judges are responsible for ensuring the proper conduct of the competition, assigning or confirming scores, and they also have the ability to oversee specific aspects of the competition, such as the regularity of the weapons used, safety, uniforms, and with the organizers they check the adequacy of the logistics and location by applying the SLM guidelines regarding the methods of conducting the sports competitions provided by LudoSport regulations.

The race judge assigns points according to the current rules, if necessary issues warnings and penalties, and declares the winner of the fight. Finally, the judge can interrupt the fight, independently or at the request of one of the competitors, for safety reasons or for intervention. The judge may reprimand a fighter if they detect the execution of techniques deemed dangerous for their own or others' safety; Execution of techniques not belonging to the LudoSport method; Protests or other offensive, insulting, threatening, or blasphemous behaviors; Unsportsmanlike conduct; Lack of fighting spirit. The race judge's decisions are final. Unrated matches can be held without a judge, and the outcome of the matches is defined by the self-declaration of the two competitors. The race judge must be able to ensure the application of the rules, knowing how to intervene only when necessary, as one of their objectives is to guarantee the continuity of the fight without distracting the athletes, thus limiting pauses, interruptions, or verbal interventions as much as possible. The presence of the judges is discreet and not intrusive, as the protagonists of the duels are the athletes in the arena who ideally should never be interrupted during their sports performance. Along with the race judges, in Rated competitions, there are "Style judges" whose task is to give an assessment of the execution of techniques from different forms from the point of view of movement cleanliness, harmony, balance, effectiveness, and precision.

INCOM is the indipendent association of LudoSport officials.

Become a LudoSport Teacher

collaborate in the spreading by dedicating your time to training in our Halls and in all other places where this discipline can be practiced.

Better teachers,better students. To train and educate the students positively, good teachers are needed: attentive, helpful, professional, with the willingness to follow their students with passion and seriousness. Their training within the LudoSport International network is guaranteed by the teaching staff selected by SLM and offered in different places and times of the year. Masters, Tecnici, Instructors, Trainers. LudoSport teachers are trained in the single combat Forms, and their hierarchy is linked to the deepening in the single subject. Further details are available on the Society of LudoSport Masters (SLM) website.

Method Trainer

Teacher in Promotional Courses.


Selected through a Course with final exam. Teacher of students.


Selected among Instructors through a Course. Teacher of Instructors.

Discover all LudoSport Teachers on the SLM website.
Becoming teacher. Where and when.
The LudoSport International network organizes periodically Educational Paths for the preparation of future Teachers. These paths are generally divided into a Pre-Course (which consists of an overview of the combat Form under examination) and a Standard Course that deepens the didactic aspects.
While Pre-Courses can be held by any Instructor , Standard Courses are entrusted exclusively to Tecnici .
The most important LudoSport training institution is the SIS – Scuola Internazionale Superiore that annually hosts the main Educational Paths for Teachers of Light Saber Combat in the evocative Tenuta dei Ciclamini of Avigliano Umbro (TR).

For more information:


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