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Service, Care,

"One Name One Sky!". We are witnessing a hug common effort of unity:
the realisation of the dream of being able to find an Academy everywhere you go,
of finding the same spirit and warm welcome wherever you are.

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//the core


- Servizio is each athlete’s willingness to support all their companions on a path to technical improvement.
- Cura is shown through the control exercised in techniques and in general attention to not harming our companions
- Rispetto comes from self-awareness, awareness of our strengths and weaknesses, and leads to a correct way of interacting with others, in the awareness that we must not underestimate anyone, whatever their rank or experience.

Ethical Foundations

The Big Family : One Name One Sky

The value of the values.

The main principle of LudoSport is summarized in the Italian acronym Se.Cu.Ri (Service, Care, Respect). In LudoSport, each student supports their teammates by leading them to overcome their limits, as they will do likewise. In LudoSport, while teaching a combat discipline, the techniques are designed and taught to be harmless, and control is an integral part of the training process. In LudoSport everyone is brought to confront each other, and the World Champion tackles the last member with the humility of those who know they can learn from anyone else, teaching them to do the same. Thanks to Se.Cu.Ri, in every part of the world the students find the same environment, where everyone has his own space to grow from a technical point of view without ever giving up on fun and imagination.illed to have undertaken..

All together in the arena.

In LudoSport competitions, women and men compete together on equal terms. The natural physical differences are in fact compensated by the variety of techniques and fighting styles, a richness that allows everyone – on equal physical condition – to develop their own competitiveness.

The challenge of disability.

LudoSport was born in the footsteps of the purest Olympic spirit, and evolves daily thanks to the work of the Founder Masters and their closest collaborators. The development of a competitive sports discipline based on the principles of Se.Cu.Ri looks forward to include all those who today cannot access our courses for reasons of disability. The great goal is to include them as soon as possible in our classes and in our competitions: the project – followed firsthand by the Founder Masters – provides a re-elaboration of teaching as a function of greater inclusion and the need for a more specific training of the teaching staff on an international basis. A long journey that we are thrilled to have undertaken. slm_logo

A Master founder "Nemo" quote:

" #onenameonesky Under a single sky. This has been our project, right from the start. The project of the Founding Masters. The enormous effort involved in creating a common language that would allow us all, every single one of us, to communicate with a short phrase of the saber, a magical, charming phrase where the most important thing was to discover yourself in a loyal confrontation with others. This is a dream born in a basement (in a crypt, to be precise).  And that slowly made progress, coming to light and creating a story of light, that is now lighting up the whole world, step by step. That is why our schools are managing to open up in so many places, it is something that concerns everyone, all the guys and girls who have decided to join with us in our dream and adopt it as their own. We have had some difficult times, we have worked so hard and made a lot of sacrifices, but miracles have often come to pass… or maybe we went out there and searched for them. That determination has meant that we can now all contribute to creating this new miracle: growth! The opening of a new Academy is always an important step that lends importance to anyone who believes in our dream and has taken it up as their own. A step that adds prestige and potential new pupils to each Academy around the world because the strong the large and small schools that take up our stem of honour, the stronger the network becomes. This miracle is possible! A miracle can happen thanks to a small part of its energy, that is the way it has always been and the sum of its parts could create a tsunami of formidable, contagious efficacy. We are witnessing a hug common effort of unity: the realisation of the dream of being able to find an Academy everywhere you go, of finding the same spirit and warm welcome wherever you are. The same wonderful family anywhere you happen to be, the Family that we want to leave as our mark on the world, our gift. Perhaps some people think they are so far away that this project doesn’t affect them. But we shouldn’t forget that we all come from a galaxy far, far away… and how many times have we dreamt of that far off place? Something that could reach out to us all and embrace us all? Tomorrow, perhaps, it might involve you, tomorrow, perhaps, you could feel all the athletes from all over the world right behind you, supporting you from every corner of the globe. Isn’t that a dream that is worth making come true? This is the spirit, or at least it is the one we would like to be part of the LudoSport adventure. That is why I am launching my appeal today, to fight so that our light can spread, so that our story of light can be told in every corner of the universe, so that it is truly One Name One Sky, forever, for everyone, and everywhere. "

DGeneral Principles

1. Light Saber Combat was conceived and is daily promoted in deference to the principles of loyalty, discipline, fair play, respect, passion and sense of aggregation that characterize the sport in the modern Olympic ideal.
In this regard, it defines as its cardinal rule the Se.Cu.Ri. (Service, Care, Respect).
Service means the willingness of each student to support each of his companions in a path of technical improvement, through an active and constant encouragement to reach their limits and try to overcome them.
Care is manifested through the control practiced in the techniques and in the general attention to the safety of one's companions. Respect comes from self-awareness, of one's own limits and strengths, and leads to a correct relationship with others in the awareness of not having to underestimate anyone, whatever their rank or experience. While Service is reserved for all non-competitive areas, Care and Respect are considered essential in any situation related to the practice of the discipline.

2. Those who intend to teach, practice and promote Light Saber Combat shall uphold the values of the sport by promoting a healthy competition, a climate of mutual trust, rejecting any kind of illegal or even unfair means to secure victory and firmly rejecting any form of sexual, religious, ethnic discrimination or any other form of behavior that limits integration or inclusion - a natural consequence of sporting activity - as well as any form of doping.
These bodies must work for the welfare of citizens, promoting values of human dignity, non-violence and solidarity, among people and among peoples, cooperating with those who share these principles.
Recognizing sport as a right of citizenship, as a resource for integration, they must also commit to the promotion and dissemination - in sport and, through sport, in social life - of a culture of rights, environment and solidarity.)

Duties of athletes

No matter what, Light Saber Combat players are representatives of our sport and its values, especially when they're rocking the official uniform. We gotta keep in mind our obligations to our LudoSport Academy, and make sure that our behavior always reflects the role we play in this discipline.
They must commit themselves to, in particular:

- to follow the Rules and Regulations according to the principles of loyalty and fairness;
- to behave in an exemplary manner during competitions and training sessions, in particular by correctly fulfilling the self-declaration obligation;
- to refuse any form of doping;
- to refrain from performing, by any means, acts aimed at artificially altering the course or the result of a competition;
- to refrain from any conduct likely to harm the physical and/or moral integrity of opponents, competition judges, managers;
- to respect the Masters and Instructors for the time and availability they give in passing on their skills;
- to respect other students, of any grade, in the belief that it is possible to learn from anyone and no one is to be underestimated;
- to respect the judges in the belief that every decision is made in good faith and objectively;
- to adopt positive initiatives and/or behaviors aimed at sensitizing the public of sporting events to respect athletes, opposing teams and their supporters;
- to refrain from expressing judgments that are detrimental to the reputation, image and personal dignity of other persons or bodies operating in the sports system;
- to make themselves available to participate in any official initiative aimed at promoting sport, its values and ethical principles, or in any case with social and educational purposes.

Duties of Masters, Technicians, and Instructors

Masters, Technicians and Instructors of Light Saber Combat must internalize and practice - they first - the pivotal rule of Se.Cu.Ri. as well as every other sporting value;

only then will they be able to transmit this rule and these principles to their students. The demeanor of Masters, Technicians and Instructors must be exemplary, marked by fairness to every other component, academic and non-academic: athletes, colleagues, competition judges, managers, parents, supporters. The transmission of Light Saber Combat's heritage of values is primary responsibility of Masters, Technicians and Instructors, who must be committed to the following principles:

- Promote sport and its rules by exalting its ethical values;
- constitute, by one's demeanor, a positive role model for all athletes;
- not to reward unfair behavior or personally adopt it;
- not to perform in any way acts aimed at artificially altering the course or result of a competition or to assi-cure anyone an undue advantage;
- respect the competition judges and their assistants in the certainty that every decision is made in good faith and objectively;
- report to the appropriate governing bodies any situation of even apparent conflict of interest;
- support and participate in any official initiative aimed at promoting sport, its values and ethical principles, or otherwise with social and educational purposes;
- avoid harassing or exaggeratedly punitive attitudes;
- avoid raising expectations in young people that are out of proportion to their actual potential;
- proceed, in the formation of teams, to the selection of athletes taking into account not only sporting results and/or physical condition but also demonstrated commitment, conduct, and respect for rules and people.

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