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 LudoSport Competions 

"Thousands of registered athletes train to compete and climb the international rankings of War, Style or both. Multiple opportunities to duel allow network members to challenge peers while consolidating and expressing their personality and aptitude in combat."
In LudoSport everyone can compete. In any LudoSport location in the world, all participants experience a duel with an instructor or a partner at their first lesson in a friendly and safe environment. From the most mature practitioner to the youngest one and without gender difference, LudoSport people train together driven by the desire of mutual cooperation. Three "weapon" standards are allowed in competitions and format is balanced so that anyone can participate, regardless of the experience level. There are many types of tournaments: individual/team; rated/open; local/national/international.

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Experiencing Combat

  • Free combat

    In the gym or outdoors, in a group or with a few companions, In LudoSport there are many combat modes designed to train techniques freely. These useful comparisons do not generate points.


Open Tournament

  • Testing

    The open tournaments are organized both at national and international level and give everyone the opportunity to compete with other practitioners from different Academies without worrying about the result of the competition. The "open" does not affect the official rankings.


Individual Tournament in an Academy

  • Assaults to conquer rankings

  • Within an Academy, two different rated tournaments are planned every year: the School Tournament -dedicated to all athletes of a single training hall- and the Academy Tournament, where all athletes belonging to an Academy can attend. Rated tournaments assign points for the War and Style rankings which define the overall performance of an athlete on a worldwide basis.


Individual Tournament: National

  • National Champion

  • The National competition is accessible by the best athletes of each Academy of a country according to War and Style rankings. The Winners of this Challenge become the Champions of the Nation and can represent their country at the Champions'Arena.


Individual Tournament: International - "Champions'Arena"

  • The World Champion

  • A spectacular and exciting event to discover who is the World Champion. This is the most important competition of the LudoSport lightsaber sports fencing circuit where only the best athletes of each country can challenge each other to discover who is the best in War and Style.

  • More official competitions

  • Other types of competitions are available following the behest of the Founding Masters: Team competitions and individual "art performance"

    Team tournaments (Team Arena format launched in 2021) will have a dedicated international ranking. To date, there are considered open tournaments the scoring system and rules are consolidated.

    "Art performances" consist of timed performances in which athletes show judges a series of concatenated techniques along with elements of brandishing. Competitions will have dedicated international rankings and can be performed either in-person or online. Speed, accuracy, posture and control are the key elements of evaluation. The first performances competitions will be promoted starting from 2023.


INCOM (International Commission for Officials and Style Judges) is an international authority, independent from the Academies, charged by SLM to oversee training, qualification and discipline of judging personnel within the network. INCOM is the worldwide reference point for the application of rules in the competitions of the LudoSport network; promulgates and maintains the rules for such competitions ("ITR", INCOM Tournament Rules).

INCOM regularly promotes courses for Officials and Style Judges, estabilishes principles and directives for their organization and estabilishes qualifications and requisites for the trainers charged with the didactic of these courses. INCOM maintains and updates a registry of all qualified personnel and evaluates their competence periodically.

Officials National Boards (ONBOARDs) are local entities, cooperating with INCOM in a subordinate role, charged with validating Rated tournament in their countries and helping Academies find personnel for their tournaments; they also help the growth and improvement of qualified personnel ranks and assist in scouting and recruiting candidates for courses.

INCOM portal with list of qualified personnel:
INCOM news:

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