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LudoSport approved Polaris light saber has been designed for sporting combat.
Athletes can adjust Polaris saber hilt size and balance.

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LudoSport is a sport fencing system dedicated to a type of sword with unique features that differentiate it from any other type of sword. Over the years, the sport and the sword used to practice it have evolved in parallel. The "lightsaber," previously offered by various manufacturers in the form of a toy, or collector's item has been revisited in LudoSport to the point of being a reliable, safe and combat-friendly item. The latest evolution of the sports "lightsaber" is the result of a collaboration between SLM (the founding Masters) electronic engineers, designers who worked on the ergonomics and functionality of the metal hilt. This sports tool has been refined several times based on the feedback received from practitioners. This "lightsaber" has sophisticated and certified electronics, a balancing system and a reliability proven by constant use in the Arena. Starting from the long saber, the development originated the dual short sabers and later the "sabertsaff", also konwn as the hilt with opposing blades. The development of the three different "weapons" was defined by the need to make them balanced in sporting confrontation, so that athletes can measure themselves with the "weapon" they prefer while using the style they favor. In addition to development, ensuring that every Academy in the world could access to the "tools" they needed to operate safely was of paramount importance. To date, only selected manufacturers and distributors guarantee the required standards while contributing directly and indirectly to the sustainability of the LudoSport network.


Sabers models autorized for LudoSport are listed in SMR

Athletes can use sabers of the authorized models which have been tested to prove compliance with the SLM principles and safety rules.


SSR - Sporting Saber Register

Every single saber used by LudoSport athletes has an identity and it's unique. All authorized sabers are listed in SSR after having been checked for compliance. Unmodified sabers of any SMR model are automatically approved.


Sporting lightsaber features

Developed by athletes for the athletes

Ergonomics, Reliability, Customizable Balance, Colors and Sound FX. These are some of the characteristics that engineers have optimized under the guidance of top level LudoSport athletes in a process started more than 10 years ago and still goes on.


Since 2015, the official technical partner of LudoSport International Academies.

LudoSport Academies use LamaDiLuce "Polaris" sabers designed and manufatured in Italy. Thanks to a modular design, "Polaris" hilts can be customized to meet all LudoSport standards for long saber, short saber and saberstaff. The soundboard is an open source Arduino-based architecture feauturing real time smoothswing sound and RGBW LED drive. Everyone can contribute in the development of software future features. LamaDiLuce supplies protections and uniforms worldwide.

"Polaris" synthesizes years of ergonomic studies on light saber hilts with the feedback of the best athletes of LudoSport Network. The innovative microtexture surface treatment confers to the wielder an exceptional grip and feel at touch while the soft curved surfaces and edged shapes provide the hand all support needed to perform quick maneuvers while brandishing Polaris.

Examples of different saberstaff designs obtainable combining "Polaris" modular components.

"Polaris" is not a Black Box but can be supplied within one. LudoSport athletes learn to build their unique hilts and maintain / customize their shape, size, look and balance.

 1. Emitter  10. Weights (maximum 4)
 2. Ring (optional)  11. Pommel Adaptor (Main pommel body)
 3. Ring  12. Standard Pommel Mask
 4. Lens  12B. Extra Pommel Mask
 5. Anima  13. Pommel Plate
 5a. Support LED + LED RGBW  14. Anima retention Screw
 5b. Speaker  14. Anima retention Screw
 5c. Battery  15. Blade retention Screw
 5d. USB Port – Switch  16. Blade (Long, Short or Staff)
 6. Main Body  17. Coupler
 7. Ring (optional)  18. Artiglio Emitter
 8. LamaDiLuce Ring  18a. Artiglio Mask
 9. Weight Disk (Weight Cap)  18b. Artiglio Adaptor


Thanks to the active safety granted by the supervised training method, the only mandatory protective gear consists in gloves and groin protections for men, leaving athletes the maximum liberty and freedom of movement.

The technical execution of movements requires specific control training . In our sport, we do not use protection excessively as, by limiting freedom of movement, they also limit our freedom of expression. We are not medieval knights in suits of shiny armour, we do not like masks as they hide the face of those competing in the arena, and we also believe that excessive protections may - even subconsciously - provide a psychological justification of an almost random use of the athlete's saber: “Well, my opponent is protected by padding”. We do not intend light saber fencing to be an unsightly brawl. Control is at the very heart of truly mastering our saber and guarantees sensible, technical movements. This is why practising control is essential for us, and when practised correctly, it allows us to drive our blade forward at 140 km/hour in a fraction of a second, and then stop it exactly where and when we want. All our members are appreciated for the quality of their performance rather than for any victory they may achieve. All genuine desires to work together for their companions and the society are also rewarded. LudoSport guarantees a real situation of equal opportunities for all Light Saber Combat athletes, where race, age, gender, different skills, social and economic class, political and religious beliefs are never prejudiced. Using the meticulous educational research conducted by its Masters, LudoSport has also driven its own founding principles to the point of being able to accommodate disabled people, proving that sport can truly overcome any physical barriers.



Technique is the first form of safety in sporting Light Saber Combat. That’s why we don’t need excessive protections.

In all combat Forms, blows are codified to be carried in control and safely. Nonetheless, basic protections are required, starting for the hands: our official supplier LAMADILUCE developed combat gloves with customized cushions where practice indicated a needing. Apart from them, any other gloves are admitted, as long as they have suitable protections on all fingers, with special reinforcements on the thumb, index and little fingers. They can’t have hard knuckle guard – dangerous in short range fight. Males must wear a jockstrap during the fights. Females can wear chest protectors. During combat, the use of glasses or masks, authorised by the SLM, is recommended.


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