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Saber Models

Only saber models that comply with LudoSport standards and SLM
safety requirement can be listed in SMR.
Saber Manufaturers can submit request to Abridge S.r.L. to test their products.
Successful testing enables SMR listing request.

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Do you want to enter the roster of official manufacturers with one (or more) of your saber models? Fill in the application form and start the procedure to validate your own model.

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Authorized Models

List of the authorized saber models within LudoSport network, selected according to SLM principles and specific criteria established by Abridge, on behalf of SLM.






Crystal Cave



Nordic Sabers


 Artic Storm  

Atlas Entertainment


 Hilt Completo Atlas Mk  

LudoSport standard requirements for sporting lightsaber.

Only models passing tests performed by Abridge S.r.L. are listed in SMR.

Below is an excerpt from the regulation. Full document available for companies requesting model test.


SERVIZIO #01 Starting from 1 January 2019, manufacturer of a saber model listed in SMR (Saber Models Register) will grant to LudoSport active members registering a new saber on SSR (Sporting Sabers Register) a special 2 years warranty on the saber hilt inclusive of electronics. Warranty expires 2 years from invoice date. Consumables are excluded (LED module, speaker, battery).
SERVIZIO #02 Starting from 1 January 2019, any defect (including on consumables) of a saber registered in SSR that is notified by Ludo- Sport active member to the manufacturer within 30 days from saber hilt receipt shall be taken care of by saber manufacturer with exclusion of shipment costs.
SERVIZIO #03 Saber shall be suitable for indoor use in the range of +5/+35°C and 20-70% relative humidity to allow use of hilt in a large variety of environments.
SERVIZIO #04 Starting from 1 January 2019, hilt design must include provision for weight customization to allow athlete to personalize the balance.
SERVIZIO #05 Digital English user manual shall be downloadable by users from saber manufacturer website. Updates shall be released in case variations apply as long as the listing on LudoSport website is active.
SERVIZIO #06 Saber manufacturer website must include "LudoSport Approved" only on the specific model that was subject to test and listed in SMR.
SERVIZIO #07 Hilt model public price must be always accessible on manufacturer website while listing on SMR is active.
SERVIZIO #08 Saber manufacturer website must include link to official LudoSport website home page through a short URL provided by Abridge Srl.
SERVIZIO #09 Saber manufacturer website must include link to SSR registration form through a short URL provided by Abridge Srl.


CURA #01 To minimize risk of interference with electromedical devices, starting from 1 September 2019, saber model must comply with electromagnetic compatibility requirements set by – CEI EN 55035 del 01/02/2021 – CEI EN 55032 01/07/2020 Non compliant saber models will be unlisted from SMR.
CURA #02 All hilt convex edges must have chamfer or fillet.
CURA #03 If one or more shrouds can be applied to the hilt, manufacturer shall specify if they are optional or part of saber standard design. In case of gaps with hilt, shroud material shall prevent either hooking/grappling clothes or of injurying/hurting an athlete.
CURA #04 Hilt emitter section must have a 50 mm cavity to hold the blade in position to minimize potential of polycarbonate tube failure.
CURA #05 Starting from 1/1/2019, saber model must have provision for at least 2 set screws to lock the blade in position to minimize potential of unforeseen release.
CURA #06 Electronics with an integrated battery charger must have voltage and current protections to prevent accidental overheating and connected dangers.
CURA #07 Structural parts material of the hilt must be metal.


RISPETTO #01 Saber model must be powered by rechargeable batteries to minimize waste.
RISPETTO #02 Saber model mechanical components and internals that may need to be disassembled for maintenance must not be connected with glue/adhesives.
RISPETTO #03 ....
RISPETTO #04 ....
RISPETTO #05 Saber electronic must have a unique, unmodifiable serial number accessible by user to respect need of traceability and warranty application.


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