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A sport around the lightsaber

An established discipline for the lightsaber

If we bear in mind the fact that LudoSport’s goal is to spread an elegant style of fencing using a lightsaber, it follows that the techniques learned cannot and must not be applied wielding real weapons or with the goal of injuring an opponent. A lightsaber is different from any other known sword: it cannot therefore be used efficiently in combat using traditional techniques, and likewise, the techniques taught for lightsaber combat cannot be used with other equipment or outside the locations specifically dedicated to this type of sport.

Since 2015, LudoSport Masters collaborated in the design of combat-ready   lightsabers, blades and protections .

The lightsabers (more informally known as “sabers”) are provided by the school, although the pupils can use their own, on the condition that they are compliant with LudoSport standards. Different products can be found on the market: collectors’ items, theatrical sabers and combat sabers. A collectors’ lightsaber,  has a row of LEDs that light up progressively inside the blade. A theatrical lightsaber has a light emitter inside the hilt, but generally has no sound card and/or movement sensor, and there are sabers suitable for combat. Most of the sabers called "combat ready" on the market rarely reach the standards required in LudoSport, in fact, generic sturdiness is not sufficient. Over the years of field experimentation, LudoSport has defined the sporting tool that is used by every practitioner today. Characteristics of weight, balance, ergonomics, materials, certifications, and many other parameters define the sporting light saber approved in accordance to LudoSport standards.

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LudoSport sporting network 

A new fencing discipline

Since 2006, LudoSport Founder Masters promote the use in real life of the most iconic weapon as equipment for sporting combat, artistic performance or pure enjoyment.

 A true sport, with rules, standards, and involving the use of three different weapons allowing men and women to compete with each other freely and safely. A codified system of seven forms of combat,  each one with its signature approach, each one complete and effective itself while fully consistent with the others. A “common language” to let everyone compete in duels and tournaments. All the above, with a light saber!

The work that brought this new sport to life began in Milan in 2006 when Simone Spreafico, Gianluca Longo and Fabio Monticelli (the Founder Masters) started the very first LudoSport Academy. The place where the first students began practicing the original techniques designed to fit a "real" lightsaber fencing system was in the basement of a church and therefore called "Cripta". It all started from the study of the "tool", a sword with:

a weightless blade

a 360-degree edge

that effortlessly cuts everything but itself

Such "weapon" would have had the weight balanced differently from all others (all within the hilt) and no possibility of hand protection (no tsuba, sword guard, quillons...). Masters' attention turned then to the various characteristics of the combat styles described in the sci-fi literature, which provided the principal inspiration to start the long and complex process that led to the creation of original techniques.

Although the goal was to set a sports standard, the Founders could not ignore the strong visual and emotional impact that a match between athletes armed with lightsabers provokes in both the duelers and the observers. Thus, when they thought about a name to call the discipline, “LudoSport” came naturally out. “Ludo-” (from latin “Ludus” which means “play, game”) was the perfect match for the word “sport”. LudoSport is enjoyment within a sport environment, promoting social relations and the sense of belonging to a group. It teaches respect and knowledge of one’s own body and develops imagination, elegance and reflexes. LudoSport thus became the name to identify every location where this new sport was practiced. In each school, practitioners find the same environment where every one can find their own space for improving technique without ever having to give up on enjoyment fun and imagination. 


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What you can learn

Courses, Seminars, Workshops and special Events

Sporting Light Saber Combat is practiced within Academies that host classes and other activities in different venues, called Schools.

 Inside each School, groups of pupils starting the learning path together under the guidance of a Teacher are called "Clans".


During ordinary courses, participants learn a new combat form each year practicing in groups called "clans". Each lesson is divided into three stages: warm-up, teaching, combat. The teaching phase focuses on explaining the control, the techniques and relevant exercises to be able to perform them correctly. This stage also involves a playful part before entering the combat stage ends the lesson, and is aimed at using the techniques in a competitive context. 


Each Academy can organize Private or Group Lessons, seminars and workshops.


 "AWAKEN" events represent a proprietary format where special seminars are organized by the LudoSport International Team with the participation of the Founder Masters. The event consist in a full immersion experience that "awakens" lightsaber enthusiasts in places where LudoSport halls aren't active or to let people know that a new academy has been activated.

Request an Awaken event in your city. Contact here

 For more information read the Education page

 Click here to see the list of active LudoSport venues


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The value of the values

The main principle of LudoSport is summarized in the Italian acronym Se.Cu.Ri (Service, Care, Respect). In LudoSport, each student supports their teammates helping them to overcome their limits and receives the same support. In LudoSport, while teaching a combat discipline, the techniques are designed and taught to be harmless, and control is an integral part of the training process. In LudoSport everyone is brought to challenge the others. Even the World Champion duels with the most unexperienced member with the humility of those who know they can learn from anyone else, teaching them to do the same. Thanks to Se.Cu.Ri, the students find the same environment in every part of the world, a places where all have their own space to grow from a technical point of view without ever giving up on fun and imagination.

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The sport that has no gender or age barriers.

In LudoSport, all can compete with each other safely in a competition framework regulated by values of honesty, respect and chivalrous fairness.

The competitions rules allow free use of any of the three codified "weapons". In LudoSport, different physical aptitudes are not a limitation to the possibility of achieving results in competitions. Differences enrich the show, athletes can express themselves and their interpretation of the combat forms developed by the Masters.

LudoSport practitioners can challenge themselves or others in Unrated or Rated tournaments arranged from local, nationals and international organizations. Competitions include individual tournaments, team tournaments as well as performance of chained tecniques (Art), where style evaluation is provided. LudoSport allows everyone to find their best way to test themselves in sporting way. 

Each year, schools organize local tournaments where their pupils meet each other in combat, widening their experience. Academy tournaments collect the best athletes from each school, while national tournaments are the competitions where athletes gather from all academies of the country. ?????

The true acme of each academic year, National Tournaments are the ultimate competition meeting for pupils and teachers of each country, allowing them to compete in duels according to rules that reward both fighting skills and technical skill.

Best pupils in each National Tournament gain access to the International Championship: the Champions' Arena. Held yearly, it is where the best pupils of the International Network challenge themselves to determine the best of all. 


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7 forms and 3 "weapons"

So many forms, so much fun

Ludo (“game”) and Sport are the two sides of a single coin: guaranteed fun through a healthy and -above all- always different physical practice: the Light Saber Combat created by the LudoSport Founder Masters is in fact a set of different fencing disciplines structured for progressive learning. The training path is rich and stimulating, going from the single sword to the two short swords and stick techniques: all entirely original and designed around an iconic and fascinating weapon, a blade of pure energy that cuts everything but itself. 

 Form 1, balanced & safe.

Form 2, darting & explosive.

 Form 3, fluid & deceptive.

Form 4, acrobatic & unpredictable. 

 Form 5, quick & powerful.

 Form 6, sophisticated & insidious.

 Form 7, impetuous & dominating.

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A Story of Light

...We were still developing what would have become sports light saber combat and we used to train every time we could. Both private gardens and public parks acted as our gym, but we still lacked of a proper place where we could practice regularly and focus. One day, the training of the Founder Masters caught the attention of a friar, who finally asked what they were doing. Masters explained the idea of SE.CU.RI., about our sword, which was not designed to bring any harm, and about their dream to create a whole new sport in Italy, a combat form totally devoid of violence. The friar was particularly open minded and offered them a space where they could work together right under the church's Crypt. That place was small, dark, with graffiti, inscriptions and stains on the walls. There was few plaster on the walls and moisture was abundant. There was no floor, just concrete. Yet, Masters had plenty of imagination and willingness to work. That place was so unusual and full of imperfections that it was perfect for them. Instead of going on vacation, they spent the Summer long procuring building materials, paints, plaster, sham parquetry and then they just improvised as painters, fitters and decorators to create the home of future LudoSporters: la Cripta. That "training" made Gianluca, Simone, Cristian and Simone's brother very good labourers. We can definetely say they broke a sweat for that place. Even if LudoSport home moved to a brand new venue in 2022, the old Cripta still exists and our symbol is still there, it has not been removed. It's there where our roots are. That's where it all began.

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LudoSport Locations

LudoSport experience is the same in every location thanks to a standardized teaching method.

Contact one of our Academies to discover the discipline for the lightsaber. 

You can either train as a practitioner or begin the path to become a teacher certified by LudoSport Founder Masters. 

Join our Management team and become Rector of a new Academy. 

Contact us for team building, events or special requests. 

We are available for collaborations locally and globally. 

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