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The word to those who live LudoSport

A lifestyle
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SLM - the founding Masters

Some words since 2008

Two articles written by Masters Simone and Gianluca in response to some questions:
"During new courses that I am lucky enough to take part in sometimes, or during some seminars or workshops, I sometimes get asked by a pupil: “Master, how did you come up with such an idea?"...

Lorenzo Todaro

LudoSport Aplha rector. The very first pupil, Lorenzo Todaro, will tell us his version of the story.

LFrom the diary of Lorenzo Todaro, the LudoSport's first pupil: "Next to place where I live there was a little comics shop in which I was used to buy my favourite comics. It was there, on May 2006, that I first notice a flyer on the counter saying “LudoSport – Light Saber Combat. Where reality meets imagination!"...

Lorenzo Ferrario aka "Lork"

Multiple international tournament winner.

2008 Interview:
LorK has been practicing this discipline since about 11 years (Ludosport was founded 12 years ago in Milano, where the core of the movement, ‘La Cripta’ is based) and has already achieved several national successes in addition to these 2 international affirmations...

Quote from a saber manufacturer

Why it's important to be part of Ludosport. Posted on 15 May 2019|By By Jacopo...


Sweden, Interview

• Can you tell us a little about light saber fencing and Ludosport? LudoSport – Sporting Light Saber Combat is a competitive sport with a light sword that can in many ways be compared to Kendo, Fencing or other sword sports. What stands out with LudoSport, however, is the unique weapon...

TEGAMINI - A Prominent Italian Influencer

Francesca and her experience in LudoSport  

• Francesca Crescentini was born in Piacenza in 1985. Not having sufficient means to set up a regulatory wunderkammer, in 2010 she founded Tegamini, a blog somewhere between a logbook and a curious container. After militating in editorial marketing and working as a digital copywriter, Francesca has been a full-time translator and content creator since 2016....

Francesco D'addosio aka "UPPI" -2019 italian champion

A page of the newspaper "the sun 24" hours dedicated to our "UPPI"

•Is the new Italian champion and has qualified for the world championship in Madrid scheduled for December . The 10th edition of Arena 2019, the name of the national tournament, was held in Turin. There were more than 150 participants from Milan, Turin, Genoa, Rome, Ferrara, Bologna....

Daniele Maggi aka "KAIZEN" -Athlete and Instructor

A personal comment on Facebook by "KAIZEN"

Since I started LudoSport, I began a path of improvement, challenging myself to push my limits on a combat discipline. It allowed to know myself better and to grow constantly in spirit, agility and strength. After ten years, I come to understand these were almost side effects of something even greater, I had a new family! One made of friends spread around the world, talking different languages, but sharing the same values of Respect, Care and Service...

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