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    Daniele Maggi a LudoSport Athlete and Instructor in Italy..

    Daniele Kaizen
    Let's Start
    // Enrik from sweden
    Daniele Maggi 
     Posted on Facebook. 
    "I'm honored to be part of LudoSport, I'm proud of #onenameonesky. I'm grateful to the Masters for creating, growing and constantly protecting what LudoSport represents. #ludosport #family #onenameonesky."

    #Facebook comment - Daniele Maggi aka "Kaizen"


    Combat, fun, LudoSport. 9 years since the trial class. Still every LudoSport tournament remains a special experience, and 80 participants from the Order of the Crypt (not even all of them, and with excellent absences) help reinforce the feeling. Even in this tournament I would face strangers, alumni, friends but mostly myself. I have always been competitive and in fact would start tournaments with anxiety-I wanted to win-and for years the result I would get was the opposite. The footage of the duels, then, was merciless. Not only did I lose, but the fights were atrocious to watch even when victories came. But since I enjoy dueling, why not fight while having fun? Maybe even smiling! I told myself I would stop trying... Result? A series of defeats and points suffered during each duel in training like never before! Frustrating. Only the words of my instructor kept me from giving in. Technique pays, however, it needs to become natural to carry it. It took years of training trying not to give in to the temptation to simply make a point ... but to make a point only when done well, perhaps even frustrated at seeing others win in the meantime and a lot. But in the end... In this tournament I had fun, always. I think I had the most enjoyable tournament duel since I've been in this association, and I know it definitely won't be the last! I was eliminated, but I won my challenge ... and walking out of the arena with a round of applause is a precious victory. I love this discipline because it brings together people who do not want to take themselves seriously, but when they train, they do it seriously. Because it has given me the opportunity to meet new friends around the world, train novice athletes and watch them become fearsome opponents. Because I have seen 80 people participate in a tournament hugging each other at the end of duels, helping in the organization and at the end going out drinking together. A round of applause goes to the entire organization for making this amazing day possible.


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